Magento - M1 to Shopify

Magento Migration from M1 to Shopify

Magento 1 (M1) has been retired completely in June 2020. The team at Magento is now clearing up all supported tools, extensions, help documents and everything else from Magento repositories. M1 will soon become a history with no support or help provided by it's mother company.

It is no longer advisable to keep your store on M1 for various reasons as below:

  • Loss of PCI Compliance - Most payment gateways require that you conduct a quarterly PCI compliance scan on your store. Your store couldn’t pass those PCI scans without proper security patches and security monitoring.
  • Insufficient Support - There will be no support from Magento for any M1 related issues. Magento has deleted all M1 extensions and support documentation.
  • No Security Updates - There would be no security update for Magento 1 or it's extensions.
  • M1 runs on old PHP versions and many hosting companies are retiring old PHP versions and your store may no longer function (this actually happened with two of our clients).

While many businesses used M1 successfully for years and there is an option to move to M2 but this migration may not be completely suitable for various reasons. Shopify is a great option if you are considering to move to a non Magento system.

Some advantages of moving to Shopify:

  • Shopify is easy to manage and maintain.
  • Shopify takes care of backend and hosting, so you don't have to worry about backend.
  • Shopify updates and fixes their server systems, so you don't have to work on server related bugs or version updates.
  • Shopify gives all user PCI Level 1 compliance to protect their account from cyber attacks .
  • One issue with Shopify is that you do not own all the code and hence you cannot customize everything, however if you are using a simple Magento system then Shopify could be a perfect choice for you.

Special Offer

To help you move to Shopify, we have brought a very special "End of Magento 1" Offer.

We will be doing the complete migration in the fixed price of $4,200 USD $2,499 USD. Following tasks will be included in this offer.

  • New development environment setup for Shopify (We will provide you free Shopify development store, to be transferred to you once the development is over).
  • Migration from Magneto 1.x to Shopify
  • Pre-built Theme installation on Shopify
  • Home page setup
  • Product page setup
  • Category page setup
  • Cart/Checkout setup
  • Blog setup
  • Data import by using a third party migration utility (to be paid separately)
  • Data import – Product and Category Data Import – all data
  • Data import – Order Data Import – all data
  • Data import – Customer Data Import – all data
  • Data import – all website related data
  • Wishlist integration
  • Free Shopify Development Store - Pay only when site goes live
  • Identification of Third party extensions (called Apps in Shopify ecosystem) and setup on Shopify (assuming the similar apps are available on Shopify).
  • Customization of theme to be Mobile Responsive
  • Identification of unnecessary apps and custom code and removal of same
  • Theme suggestions based on your domain and business
  • Shipping integration
  • Mega-menu integration
  • Customer Email Template Setup
  • Setup of site’s structure, homepage and navigation
  • Billing,payments and Tax configuration
  • Analytics Setup
  • Setup of Custom web domains
  • Print Invoice setup
  • Social Media Integration
  • ChatBot/Message tool integration
  • Email subscription pop up integration

Terms & Conditions

  • Pay only 50% to book this offer, balance can be paid when development is completed and when you are happy with the final outcome.
  • All third party software like themes and apps etc. should be paid by you.
  • A data migration extension or app is required. You need to pay for that separately.
  • This offer is valid only for the limited time period.
  • We reserve the right to withdraw this offer for all or for a specific store.
  • This offer is for simple or medium complex migrations. Not very complex migrations.
  • Custom coding for any feature development is not part of this offer.
  • We will find similar apps on Shopify and use those.
  • New store will be built by using a theme. This offer does not include creating a new theme.

How to avail this offer?

You can pay 50% advance through PayPal and book this offer now or you can contact us for more information.

Please contact us through email, skype, messenger or by filling the form below:

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We have migrated numerous Magento sites from M1 to M2 and the success of our clients is testimony to the work we have done.


We have served more than 400 e-commerce clients and many of them are on Magento platform.

Some of the recent migration from M1 to M2 are as follows (You can see their footer credit as "Crafted by FirstWire", FirstWire is our brand):


Andrew Noon


CommerceCodes/Firstwire have been the team behind our Magento 1 website migration to Magento 2. This was a complex migration involving a custom template and retention of all the functionality and styling we had developed over the past 2 years on Magento 1. Our site also had an integrated POS including the ability to take secure payments both online and instore linked to a shared inventory for a true omni channel retailing experience. The new site is based on a clean Magento 2 template which has been adapted and coded to meet the styling and functions we needed. The team at Firstwire have been on hand and responsive throughout the migration and have delivered a clean well functioning site that is integrated to Royal Mail SagePay and our POS system. We are also connected to google shopping to serve our ads through it and google analytics allowing us to track and adjust our campaigns accordingly. Our new Magento 2 site is a clear progression in terms of functionality and usability and framework and we are very please with the outcome of the website which was delivered on budget. We look forward to further enhancing and refining the site with FirstWire as we grow.

When it comes to creating professional, attractive, and effective website, there is no company that can surpass FirstWire Apps. Thanks to Anand Agarwal and his talented staff they were able to migrate my websites from Magento Version 1 (M1) to Magento Version 2 (M2) and do additional customizations. Thanks to their talent, our sites have taken off in the search engines. In my case study I was with another web design company for over 15 years and when it was time to upgrade into Magento Version 2 they wanted to charge us 30K, that’s when I was lucky to find FireWire. Anand was able to bring all the web design and scope of work and migration in under 10K within one month. The attention they gave us through this process was superb. If you are in the process of looking for web design company my advice is go with FirstWire.

They have worked on Migration from Magento 1 to Shopify and created a new website in Shopify for us. As we were moving from an well established old Magento website it was a big task. However they did an excellent job ,they selected a theme, transferred the products over and designed a lovely home page. Implementing all the other changes required to make the website user friendly was done very efficiently by Varun who whatever the number of changes required , and had usually completed them within a day or two and was asking for further changes. Overall I am very satisfied with the work done and would not hesitate in recommending their services .

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