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Trusted by over 800,000 businesses worldwide Shopify is one of the most secure and reliable SaaS platforms for ecommerce stores. It gives you the power to setup your own store in minutes and then help you in making it more sophisticated with the help of customizations and apps.

With all prebuild functionalities like shipping, marketing, payments, you also get complete control over the look and feel of your website, from its layout, to content and colors.

We are a Shopify Partner Company and have some of the best Shopify Certified Developers in our team.

How to use Shopify to get big success in e-commerce ?

Shopify setup is fast & cheap but it is just the first step.

Yes, it is true that you can setup a Shopify store in one day however creating a profitable venture requires much more effort and knowledge.

We have helped many clients to fully exploit this platform and make fortune in the e-commerce business.

Are you planning to launch your Shopify store or already have one?

What nobody is telling you?

First rule of an ecommerce website (or any website for that matter) is that it should look relevant and modern, not like it was built in the year 1990. It should be professional, simple and easy to navigate.

Buyers lose trust if they see an unprofessionally made website. First question they ask is “if these people cannot get their basics right, how can I trust them with my money?”

Next rule is that the product & quality matter the most. You need to be clear on whether someone really need your product? & if they can pay the price you are asking for?

Other important considerations are – product presentation, checkout process and customer service.

How to beat other stores and big daddies like amazon?

Why should people buy from your store if they get the same product from amazon/aliexpress - with better pricing and faster delivery time?

It may sound weird but they buy from you for the exact same reason that "you are not amazon". Your business has an identity around a niche and passion for a particular product or category of products. They want to buy from an expert, to whom they can trust with specific information rather than buying from a marketplace.

Do not try to become amazon from the day one. Focus on few categories, carve your content around that and try to do best in those categories. Once you start winning there then go for the expansion.

Do not struggle with technologies or marketing, leave it to experts.

Yes, you should definitely save money by doing things on your own while starting your business, however take help from experts and consultants when your business is growing. Better spend your time on core business and outsource the non-business stuff to experts.

Trust us for your Shopify related requirements.

We have worked with more than 100 Shopify clients. We have an amazing track record of completing projects on time and meeting (and sometime exceeding) our clients' expectations.

Our pricing is one of the best in industry and we provide great return on your investment.

But what is unique with us? Why should you buy from us?

There are many great service providers in the market and probably you are already using one of them, but what sets us apart from others is that we have all Shopify services and solutions under one roof.

We can perform Shopify setup/upgrade, Theme customization, Mobile App development, ChatBot and Digital marketing services. We would like to be your most trusted partner in your Shopify journey.

" I have had a very good experience with your company and will definitely be using your services again. "


Why us? Outsourcing the non-business stuff to experts and consultants provides you more time and focus on your core business. We have a track record of completing more than 100 Shopifyprojects successfully on time with meeting all client's requirements.

With us, you get allshopify services at one place, whether it is store setup, upgrade, digital marketing or a mobile app for your Shopify store.

Check our various Shopify services as below:

  • Shopify setup/upgrade;
  • Theme customization;
  • Store management;
  • Product organization;
  • Strategy consultation
  • Research to identify niche market and product categories
  • Design of a new Shopify Store
  • PSD(Design) to Front-end Conversion
  • Identification of functionalities & features and implementation of these
  • Organizing product information, pricing and photos
  • Setup of Shopify themes
  • Setting up site’s structure, homepage and navigation
  • Billing and payments configuration
  • Setup of Custom web domains
  • Content Audit & Image optimization
  • Plugin and App installation and setup
  • Expert work on UI and UX
  • A/B testing and optimization on UI/UX
  • HTML/CSS/JavaScript/Liquid customization and changes
  • Theme customization
  • Custom feature implementation
  • Integration with 3rd party tools
  • Editing the Store and Optimising it for Conversions
  • Add to Cart Button Customization
  • Setting up multiple Store Language and multiple Currencies
  • Setting up the Free Shipping Bar
  • Setting up Apps or Plugins to Increase the Conversions
  • Setting up Shipment Tracking
  • Adding an App for Retargeting Campaigns
  • Setting up of Lead Capture and Email Marketing Systems
  • Setting up of Abandoned Cart Recovery/li>
  • Sales Channel development
  • Integration with other web applications
  • Management of Development, Testing and Live environments
  • Backup and recovery management
  • Testing and Quality assurance
  • Setup of Facebook/Instagram/Google Sales Channels
  • Setting up Google Analytics, Facebook Pixel, Trust Seals & Checkout Timers
  • Designing a launch campaign
  • Social media integration
  • Training to operate and maintain
  • Migration from other e-commerce platforms to Shopify
  • Digital marketing for Shopify Stores
  • Mobile App development for Shopify Stores
  • ChatBot development for Shopify Stores


We have partnered with shopify, bigcommerce, prestashop, magento, opencart, lemonstand and wpengine to bring the best resources to you.


We have served more than 100 ecommerce clients


David Michaels


We would like to express our sincere thanks to you and your team on the completion of our website project. Our website was transformed, with a more modern look, clean code and delivered in a timely manner. Your knowledgeable team provided us with expert assistance and kept us informed every step of the way in the development of our new site. This has been our best experience working with an overseas development team and based on that, we would not only recommend you to others but we also look forward to working with you on future projects.


Adam CS


Excellent Service! Anand and his team are very professional in what they do, they listened to every thing we needed and implemented it in a professional manner. Will definitely work with them again.


Morris Wade


Great Dev Team. Responsive to all my needs and questions. Currently on my second independent project with them. They work tirelessly hand in hand with their customers in all facets of the job.

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